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May 03, 2009


1. I love dancing...

2. I like strawberries

3. I love jellie tots.... the guy who invented it... is my hero. 

4. Im spirtual in the end i think its the only thing that matters...

5. I believe in true love... i think its worth waiting for...

6. I hate it when people ask me if i locked my car door.... Cause it means i have to walk all the way back to check. and they usually make sure its a distance.

7. People say i think too much. Then again i think people dont do it enough.

8. I like writing... but i dont let people read it... cause i think its pointless.

9. I like 80`s music... i dont think music today has any meaning. so u kissed a girl and u liked it.... well fuckidido..

10. My fav song of all time is Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why

11. Im a huge Kid Rock fan...

12. I think Shakespeare was on Crack... and i can back this up....

13. I dont agree with Charles Darwin`s Theory on Evolution, i also consider him Crackhead

14. I like drinking... but i dont like getting drunk

15. If people werent looking all the time id probably play with action figures.

16. My fav quote is "As a man thinks, so he is" The Bible

17. I think Ghandi should have eaten.

18. I think "Im only human" is a bad excuse. I dont think being human is a weakness

19. I hardly ever make sense when I'm talking...

20. I dont listen when people talk...   

21. I think people talk too much and say too little....

22. I think everything happens for a reason... even if its not meant for you.

23. Id rather live my life like there is a God and end up finding out there isnt one.. then live like there isnt and find out i was wrong.

24. I dont believe in the System. I think it keeps the majority save. which is good. But i also think its an oppression of the mind.

25. I dream during the day (a lot)  ;)