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January 02, 2009


Here’s some quick hitters from Christmas/New Years 2008

My wife got one of them microwavable hot packs for Christmas; you know the ones filled with barley, oats or some other ingredient of beer. She uses them to apply heat sooth the aches and pains of the day. Well this particular one also contained a variety of spices. Well I moseyed on over to give her a kiss on the neck the other day and wham – I was hit with a scent that almost had me standing at attention (literally and figuratively) The scent I smelled was turkey dressing; an odor that always catches my fancy

I leaned in again, and there it was –the sweet smell of sage. Realizing that this was getting my motor running I thought that, perhaps, I had stumbled on to something.

 Invent a women’s cologne that smells like “turkey dressing”. Forget about the pheromones, this scent could attract men like bees to honey.  I’d use a French name and call it something like, “Sauce de Turquie”!


And, you know, I think it would work.




Because they say that guys that sprinkle Baby Powder on their clothing attract women in bars! With Turkey Dressing Scent for women – I do believe there could be an equal and opposite effect!


I challenge the ladies to give it a try. Sprinkle a little sage on yourself when you head out on the prowl. Write me back and let me know the results. I need a little R and D before I put any money into this idea.



Don’t buy any presents until after Christmas and you’ll save yourself 50 – 70% or more. Get the family and friends into celebrating Christmas traditionally- church, the big feast, glad tidings with fun and friendship on the 25th and delay the gift exchange until the end of January, or if you can’t wait, exchange on New Years day. That way you can get all the Boxing Season deals and save yourself a whack of money.


Or, give gift cards, so that the gifted can get what they really want and at the post Christmas discounted rate. My kids like it when we all head to the city after Christmas for a hotel sleepover and a shopping extravaganza in the mega mall. Of course, their wallets and purses are full of gift cards. We take in a Christmas movie, have a great meal out and have a blast together as a family.


Give your gifts as usual but ask for CASH as a return gift. Then apply all of that cash to your Christmas expenses and you pretty much come out even. I know I don’t really need anything. So this win-win don’t you think.


My in-laws’ gave me a goat for Christmas. Now don’t get your imagination going on that one. When I tell people this I get the standard off color remarks. You see, because I don’t really need anything I always requested that my gift givers donate something in my name to a charity of their choice. So this year my in-laws did just that. They donated money toward the purchase of a goat to be presented to a needy family somewhere in the third world. They did this through World Vision. And this really touched me, because they too bought a goat as part of their personal gift giving. So, if you ever feel inclined to buy Jimbobalouie a gift, please look up World Vision and help someone who really needs it.




 The weather has really sucked here for two weeks. We’ve had three major snow   dumps (my back still aches from shoveling), freezing cold temperatures (-25C), a thaw (the actually snow disappeared for two days), heavy rains and flooding, and two wind storms where the wind got to near hurricane force velocity.


Oh, how I long for our annual trip to Florida!


I say Global warming – bring it on! The older I get the harder the winter season is to take. I installed “happy lights” (full spectrum lighting) in my basement office (The Bat Cave). Heard they could affect your mood and brighten your outlook.


And guess what; those of us in the Northern latitudes actually get our sense humor through our efforts to withstand this frigid nightmare. If those of you in sunnier climbs send warmth and sunshine through your humor as well, we’ll call that FOD synergy, and then laugh our frozen asses off !

Waddaya think?