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January 31, 2009


Flying is interesting.  I believe we either love it, hate it, or just plain tolerate it.  Those who 'tolerate it' tend to be the 'sleepers'.  I like to play with the sleepers. 

When you know they're truly asleep, and not just faking it so as not to talk to you - the true sleep being evidenced by very loud snarfle-snorting and/or drool dribbles down the chin, poke them.  Not in the arm - the belly.  Lightly...gently at first.  You must test your technique, and then practice it.  Once you've perfected the art of poke, do it HARD!  As they awaken suddenly, wondering at the strange occurence they don't understand but feel, gasp and cover your mouth quickly and say, "Are you okay?  Listen, don't worry, I wont tell anyone that's your gas".

And then there's the ever classic twist and stuff of napkins up the nose...so artsy...

Alas, today I sat next to no one, no sleeper for me.  So I just chatted with the empty seat beside me.  Believe me...it had some stories to tell.

So...who wants to be my next Air Buddy?  And yes, if you're a sleeper, I will do terrible things to you.

YOUR TURN - because my pie of hole is clamping down!  What's your worst flying experience?  Don't forget the terror and baby vomit.