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March 16, 2008


Our Top Ten Most Viewed Videos

(based on hits gathered from YouTube, SuperDeluxe, and Funny or Die)

1. Tough Guy with 2494 views

2. If My Roommate Only Knew with 2313 views

3. Kidfight! with 1371 views

4. Boobies with 739 views

5. Mission Statement with 704 views

6. The Forgotten with 590 views

7. Interrogation with 477 views

8. Mr. Gerbils with 460 views

9. Hitmen with 404 views

10. Bad Dad with 400 views

Collectively, all our videos (including the seven not featured here) have been viewed 11,393 times. Sweet. Not bad for a bunch of teens in Maine?

Basement Science almost made the list: at the time I compiled these facts, it had 395 views. So please, watch the shit out of that video. Because I hate Bad Dad like a disease. And the fact that it's our tenth most popular (and third most popular on YouTube) makes me sick. Who the hell keeps watching it? It's by far our worst video.

To watch the top five, go to my MySpace blog.