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October 10, 2010

Recently, while watching one of my favorite shows, Unsolved Mysteries, it occurred to me just how much technology has changed our lives. I'm not even talking about recent technology and DNA testing, but merely something as simple as a cell phone. In the past, if someone you know had gone missing, there was nothing you could do but wait. I was watching such a case and I thought to myself, "Duh, why doesn't she just ring is celly-bling?" Well, apparently this particular crime had taken place in the days before cell phones. Then I started thinking, really - like what did we do before cell phones? Obviously, this question could be applied to lots of other things we surround ourselves with now, but it's just amazing how we're such a part of history, where new technology is created daily. I mean, our parents were telling us stories of how they didn't have cars and had to walk through the snow to get to school. Meanwhile, our stories for our children will be far more interesting -- but what technology does the future hold for us that will lend us these stories? For now, it's an unsolved mystery.

Another issue I have with such shows are composite drawings. Don't get me wrong, I have seen talented people with artistic abilities that are unparalleled and I am often incredibly shocked with how much a resemblance a drawing can have to someone. So here's my thought: When I look at a composite drawing of a killer on the loose, I think - oh, please - there's no way I would ever see someone on the street and think 'wow, that guy looks just like that composite drawing on tv!' Because really, you wouldn't do that. HOWEVER, if you KNEW the person in the composite drawing, are you more likely to recognize certain resemblances??