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December 11, 2009


10. If you told someone Merry Christmas- Get a job you bum.

9. If you ever thought an E-card would be enough.

8. If you suggest going out for christmas dinner would be better than having it at home.

7. If you wrap presents with newspaper.

6. recycled crafts.(beer can orniments.)

5. Faking sickness to avoid inlaws.

4. you change the words to 12 days of christamas with sexual positions.

3. You secretly wish for Parade Stopping winds.

2. you wake your children up on christmas eave at midnight and tell them "Honey, theres been an Accident."

1. The number one way to tell if you are a Scrooge.............If you have ever bought a gift in a tunnel, or on the bridge.
If you have a better reaso. you know what to do. Love ya. Ray-