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August 21, 2012

A quick look at why small donors to presidential candidates will never get access to the candidate of their choice like the 1% 'ers do.


I have been thinking about:

The recent cover of TIME MAGAZINE dated 08/13/12, perhaps you have seen it.

The cover of the magazine features the White House with a photo-shopped "FOR SALE" sign on the front lawn with an asking price of $2.5 billion dollars. Wowee!  Pretty groovy neighborhood to be hanging out in but I don't think I want to mow that much lawn and a building of that age requires a ton of upkeep.  Kind of a money-pit in more ways than one.

The White House has become the symbol of the ultimate purchase...of the ultimate way to exercise influence over the reigning incumbent and challenger through massive infusions of cash from groups that were able to form after the Citizens United case decision.  One can bear witness to this from the recent Republican primary season where millions upon millions of dollars made their way to the campaign coffers of the various candidates.

Hey, take it easy; I know...the Democrats can do the same thing.  And that is what is so perplexing about this latest auction for the White House.

The media reports that both candidates for the highest elected (or bought) office in the land hold some really serious fundraisers.  For tens of thousands of dollars per plate or more, one can hang out with either candidate and suggest that an ambassadorship in the Caribbean would be a hip way to serve one's country.  Pass the suntan oil and I will have another cocoanut shrimp!

So how can we Ordinary Joes compete with all this wealth and and influence so that the candidate of our choice can hear our voices?  Easy, here is how.

Get on the horn to your candidate's office and tell them you are willing to host a $5.95 per plate fundraiser in your backyard and that you can guaranty at least twenty to thirty likeminded folks who would like their concerns heard.  Heck, up the ante to $10.95 for a handshake and an ear whisper about that Caribbean post you have your eye on.  I wonder if either candidate would take us up on that.

The small donor isn't dead, we are just ignored.