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January 11, 2013

News articles say the same information the article as they do in the title


Many news articles often tell news related information. And more often than not the information is not that abundant. Articles will often reiterate the same information that what was already stated in the title, but with more words.
The first paragraph will give you a brief synopsis of what the article will be about. The synopsis will be about 3 sentences longer than the original title, but will give you no more information. Then the second paragraph will delve further into the information (of which there is none), with no more actual information just more words. The second paragraph will often be the bulk of the article, focuses mostly on what was stated in the first paragraph but using more sentences to explain what has already been explained in the first paragraph as well as the title.
The third paragraph will often be a conclusion to the article. In the third paragraph the article will summarize what the article was about. Often it will restate what has been stated in the second paragraph, the first paragraph, and the title. This paragraph usually consists of as many sentences as the first paragraph but not as many as the second paragraph. Many times you will be able to get the entire article just from the title, because the article just repeats the title with more words, but you will read the entire article by the time you realize that.