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Published May 13, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published May 13, 2009
I know a lot of you may have been concerned about my fight with Mara freshman year. Those days of her ignoring me were just awful. I wanted to make her regret being mad at me. I pictured seeing her face the moment she would realize, "Aw man. I should've never taken advantage of Becky's friendship." I fantasized about getting hit by a car or to becoming a famous actress/ice-skater - anything to make Mara feel like an idiot for avoiding me as if I would wear an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt all of the time.Then, one day, on AIM, Mara sent me the following message:"Can I copy your math homework in homeroom tomorrow?"I jumped for joy! Mara was talking to me again! Our friendship was repaired! I was so happy. Food tasted better. I cared about cleaning my fingernails. I took a week off from reading The Bell Jar.I was so happy I wrote the following poem on January 24th, 2000."Open, Free, Confident"I just climbed a mountain,Finished a painting,Tied the bonds of friendship,And conquered my biggest fear.My eyes are now open wide.I can smell the flowersSwim in the ocean.I am able to taste new spices.I can spread my thoughts.Be strong yet modest.Dye my cheeks red with an enormous smile,And fly high holding on to my spirited wings.