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March 06, 2016

Racists for Trump release a commercial, and we're all laughing to try to forget that our country is turning into Germany in the '30s.

Man, is it me or does time fly when you’re so anxious all the time that you decide to finally try yoga, even though it seems weird and dumb, but hell, you’re not getting any younger, and you know what, now that you’ve done yoga a couple of times you’re so full of endorphins that it’s almost like you’re having fun!!?? Well that’s where I’m at since the last episode of SNL aired: grasping for coping mechanisms in preparation for a President Trump, also for other personal problems that I won’t get into here, haha:) I did have some real, not endorphin-fueled fun when I watched Aidy Bryant’s short, Darby Forever, on Vimeo! It was an absolute delight. I recommend a regimen of that + yoga + the funniest of last night’s SNL sketches (below!), if you find that your days are passing too slowly, or you need to distract yourself from the prospect of our country turning into a modern-day Nazi Germany.

“But it was just so extreme.”

So this week, fourth-time host Jonah Hill played the butt of a lot of jokes — ‘cause historically, the SNL staff just can’t resist writing Hill a good bathroom bit. In the “Murder Mystery” sketch, the whole murder problem is shelved when all of the “clues” that the guests offer prove nothing except that Hill had an embarrassing spell in the bathroom, which resulted in some crying pipes, cross-eyed geese, and “the charred remains of men’s white underpants and trousers. It was as if someone burnt them in shame and ran out of the room as I entered!”

“He’s not some cautious politician. He says what I’m thinking.”

And, speaking of Nazi Germany (regrettably), the edgiest moment of the episode was this “Voters for Trump” ad. It had all the hallmarks of a great spoof commercial: an overwhelming sense of Americana, everywoman Vanessa Bayer ironing and smiling herself into oblivion, and the slow reveal of who these seemingly Normal Folk turn out to be. Hint: it isn’t an ordinary white bed sheet Bayer is ironing.

Okay I just don’t understand why everybody has to yell in excitement over a bowling match, in a living room, this is weird on so many levels.

Weekend Update has become one of the parts of SNL I look forward to the most. Colin Jost and Michael Che have consistent chemistry and if anyone can pull the greatest laughs out of a quick, silly joke, they can. Particularly after this news item reported by Che, about a Florida woman finding a missing cat from Wisconsin that traveled nearly 1500 miles over two months. “Or — and hear me out — sometimes cats look like other cats.”

Later on, Jay Pharaoh gets to showcase his razor-sharp impression skills, as he recounts a (fictional) secret meeting of black comedians in Hollywood. We already know he can do a perfect Obama and Kanye — but watch him kill these rapid-fire impressions of Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Tracy Morgan, Chris Tucker, Hannibal Buress, and Bernie Mac in like, two minutes.