Gabriela Cowperthwaite's documentary 'Blackfish' has made waves for its unsparing portrait of the treatment killer whales suffer in captivity at SeaWorld, inspiring boycotts and protests. Recently, Cowperthwaite has admitted that some of the abuse was too shocking, upsetting, or illegal to release in the film's final cut. Here's what you didn't see:


Whales forced to perform nude

Used to test historical accuracy of Jonah, Pinocchio

Rigorous sign language seminars

Brought to business dinner as "girlfriend"

Colors swapped

Dressed in uncomfortable fabrics

Interminable German-style board game sessions

Severely restricted allowance

Pigeonholed into plus-sized modeling

"Killer" label forced whales to question nature of their own being

When caught eating trainer, made to eat the whole team

Electronics confiscated "for its own good."

Peer pressured into taking mushrooms at Camp Bisco

Mandatory racial sensitivity webinars

Removed from family but made to schmooze with relatives

Unwillingly confirmed stereotypes about black whales and jumping

Pressured by Jezebel into releasing unretouched promotional photos


Illustrations by Jason Katzenstein