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July 11, 2009


Wow, I can't believe that I'm actually here. Just a few days ago I was sitting in my veterinarians waiting room next to a man with an unusual looking dog.So I asked him; what kind of a  dogi s that and he replyed" oh,he's a blue pit bull. I said "what's he got to be upset about? Imagine how the kid with Joan Rivers discarded face feels!
You know when I emailed Jessy and Yonah I was up front with them and said "you know I'll probably be so nervous ,I'll have a chicken! They emailed me back"you are from South Carolina,are you not...we might expect that,doesn't your Governor take his pigs to work with him? I quickly replied"sure,it's a way of interjecting a little inteligence into the local government;and I've  personally never seen them wearing lipstick.
The morning I arrived at the airport to leave I heard James Taylor singing in the background "In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina," sure- easy for you to say from Nantucket or Martthas Vinyard- I wouldn't mind going in my mind,now and then,just get the rest of my ass out of here!
So, then we started bd .ing the plane; and you know how awkward it is getting to the window seat,climbing over the otherf passengers, and the guy in the middle noticed my carry on which was actually a pet carrier in disquise and asks me "oh, what do you have in there? I say my bird,she brings me alot of comfort, she won't be any trouble; and isn't it nice when they fly legally?
So the announcement to return our stuff to it's original and upright position comes on;so I nudge my neighbor and say"been there,done that!" He says"tray tables,lady-not rack!" OHHH....
Are you tawkin' to me,fagedaboutit... He says "are you making fun of my accent?' "oh,Lord have mercy ,no! why I grew up in NY. myself. I had an epiphany while watching "MamaMia," you know when the one lady tells Meryl Streep's character to "grow down;"well that's what I've come here to do.
So then the Captain comes on and announces for us to prepare for our final landing-so I changed into my bathing suit!...Oh no, my integrity remained in tact,not to worry-'cause I had my neighbor hold up a beach towel for me.
We got off and I spotted the "Gullible Southerner baggage claim area "and as luck would have it,Emerille Lagasse is standing right next to me. Friendly, I thought because he says "oh,nice chicken;what's her name?" I reply Daisy-he says hmmm.,seems like Rosemary to me,when I spot my bag on the carousel I go to get it and could have sworn that he was saying something about mashed potatoes and comfort food. I return moments later,and Emerille and Daisy are gone! I just know he's probably"bamming" my poor Daisy right now!!
In coming,every body; my gynecologist finally made it;I have extended an open invitation to that man so many times,he finally makes it and again completely misses my other side,wasn't here to support me in case I made a complete ass of myself because,so what;if I did well he's seenit before,no big deal and it isn't all about me, I really feel like he needs to get out from under,don't you all?
Maybe, I'll get invited back this weekened and he can see a completely different side of me then. What do you all think?
One final thing; it was hard leaving NY. yrs. ago;why I went to FIT. not far from here,I understood the possibilities that fashion had to offer but at that time "the new black ".was sociopath, so that helped me decide.
Anyway,have a great evening,NYC.. Thank you all so much!