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February 27, 2015

New Mortal Kombat X Game To Include Horrific Brutalities Far Beyond What Your Or I Could Ever Imagine


Mortal Kombat is a video-game franchise that has been on the cutting edge of gruesome (and creative!) ways for animated characters to kill each other since 1992. Their latest installment, Mortal Kombat X, set to be released April 14, has promised to live up to that legacy. They plan to do this by bringing back a feature popular in the earlier forms of the game: the Brutality. A Brutality is when one character has beaten the other within an inch of his life and, in fact, is so close to death that he can only sway meekly. At this point, the winning player has the chance to execute a very intricate button combo that will result in the character gruesomely murdering the half-dead opponent in a disgusting and fun way.

Anyway, those went away for a while but now they’re back in the new MK and boy oh boy are they terrifying. Obviously, the sharpness of video-game graphics has jumped a lot since the last time you saw a Brutality, which aids the vividness of the killing, but the creativity with which these characters finish off their victims is startling, at least to my anxious, delicate, terrified-of-death-both-my-own-and-other-people-close-to-me kind of sensibility.

Video was released yesterday of about a dozen of the more than 100 different kinds of Brutalities the game has to offer.

Holy shit, right? Here are descriptions of some of the other 80+ Brutalities the game has to offer:

  • Rips skeleton out of loser’s skin and then stuffs it back into the skin, looks kind of like putting a pizza box in a small garbage bag.
  • Throw the loser’s body at the ground so hard that it goes all the way to China, the Earth rotates, and eventually the loser’s dead, crushed body comes back up through the same hole but he has on a conical hat.
  • Stares straight into loser’s eyes until life slowly leaves him.
  • Takes out a tiny needle and pokes loser’s skin a thousand times, blood bursts through skin in small streams, and winner showers in victim’s blood, making the wash-under-arms motion and everything.
  • Places loser’s near-lifeless body on a merry-go-round, but the brass ring that children usually reach for is replaced with first-aid supplies — always just out of reach.
  • Winner remembers he had a gun the whole time and just shoots the loser.