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November 25, 2008


I had other plans for the blog today but the morning paper had the WTF (What the f**k!) meter going off like an air raid siren.

Actually it started with Cousin Kim stating to me Sunday that her companys stock had dropped from $43.00 to $18.00 during the financial crisis. Ah, ya, she works for a big financial institution. This really didnt seem to faze her, and she said the only noticeable change was the institution of a hiring freeze. (Could a Firing Breeze be in the wind?)

Anyway, I heard on the radio that many companys profit projections are down. Instead of making mega billions profit theyre making mini billions profit. The business headline read, PROFIT WARNINGS CAST PALL OVER BANKS. The Royal Banks profit went from$1.3 billion for the quarter to $1.1 billion. Oh, my God, the predictions are getting pretty dire! Isnt 1.1 billion one thousand one hundred millions. Thats a lot of millions! WTF!

Imagine, these greedy bastards are going to lose 15%. But wait a minute, they still pulled in $1.1 billion in profit, didnt they? WTF! What part of profit do these people not understand? And apparently, people are dumping these bank stocks because their greed inspired dividends are getting lower. How much freakin profit do you need? And what did these banks do with all of the profits (Fees, Fees, Fees) theyve gathered over the past several years? Pissed them away in the wind, I guess!

Then I read that poor old Tiger Woods, sitting at home making babies and giving his bum knee a rest, is going to lose his $7 million sponsorship from General Motors. What is the world coming too? I know GM wants and needs to save cash, but what about building better and more fuel efficient vehicles? WTF, the Buick Open wasnt that big of a deal, Tiger wins the friggin tournament every year anyway! Come on Tiger, go out and buy a SMART CAR!

I also read that Russians are giving up Vodka in order to save money. Now that is a better economic indicator than all of the rest. WTF! When Johnny Six-Pack has to give up his booze, were all in trouble.

Finally, another headline cried, OBAMA BUILDS BRAIN TRUST TO TACKLE FINANCIAL CRISIS. My problem is that, in recent times, BRAIN TRUST has been a bit of an oxymoron, something like - THINK TANK! One quote suggests the President-Elect has surrounded himself with, Deep thinkers.  Well, lets hope and pray these dudes arent a pack of CHEAP STINKERS, instead.

Thats my rant of the day. The WTF meter has died down now that Ive put the newspaper in the burn pile. Time to get back to caption writing, the laundry, cleaning the house, walking the dog, editing my daughters essay, and all the rest of the mundane stuff we average, everyday, normal dumbasses do. Why? Because profit is a word that means, an advantage or benefit derived from an activity, to real people. Thats my REALITY! Like, you know, it really is - if the wife and kids are happy Im happy, too - kind of a proposition.


More about reality bites tomorrow!

NEWSFLASH<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Check out this car that runs on air. WTF! I mean air –the stuff that surrounds your head at this very moment. (I said surrounds!)

 Theres more air than there is oil, right! Lets get GM to invest Tigers $7 million in this project! Problem is, the price of air compressors will skyrocket and the government will tax it to the hilt. Instead of the DEATH TAX itll become the BREATH TAX!



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov4t1P9bdGw&feature=rela ted