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May 02, 2011

Move over war, it's time for movies on terror!

Soon after announcing the killing of Osama, President Obama said, the nation would not rest. Now that the War on Terror has been dealt with, it is time for Movies on Terror. Obama has announced that Congress is funding a slew of Hollywood movies to cash in on the triumphant kill. The nation that has been reeling under the debilitating effects of recession is now set to receive an adrenalin boost.

Obama said, “I took time off from my game of golf to personally meet Oscar winning directors Darren Aronofsky, David Fincher and James Cameron.” POTUS said that under his direction they have been asked to come up with  action packed, yet sensitive, chest thumping yet heart breaking tales that can be easily franchised and merchandised. “It’s not over till the Box Office sings” the President tweeted.

We want Americans to chill out, forget the ever real threat of the still present Al Qaeda and watch some mind numbing escapist fare that only Hollywood can deliver.  Undisclosed sources from National Security council revealed some of the plots under production.