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October 30, 2013

Tomorrow is Halloween and if you haven't prepared your house for the holiday yet, get an idea from the most hilarious Halloween home decorations.

One day to Halloween and I am already feeling the spirit of the holiday in the air. People are going on shopping to be prepared for the big day. But bying treats and costumes is not the most important part of the preparation. Well, these are probably the most essential things but you shouldn't forget about the home decoration. There are people, including me, who love walking around their friends houses on the holiday to see the most unique home decorations. If you don't have any ideas yet, I have prepared the top 5 most hilarious Halloween home decorations. Take a look because you may like some of them.

flying witch

1. Don't drink and drive

An empty bottle of whiskey on the ground, a broom, a tree and the body of a witch hanging from the tree. You probably have seen this image on the Internet. There is also a note saying "Don't drink and fly" I bet your friends will be very surprised to see such a Halloween decoration in front of your house. No matter how many times they have seen the image on the Internet, the feeling is different to see it in front of you.

carved pumpkin

2. The eating pumpkin

Huge evil pumpkin eating a mini pumpking with her scary teeth. Just on time for Halloween. This is one easy-to-make decoration as long as you have pumpkin and a knife to carve it. Take a look at the picture to see what an easy task it is.

skeleton riding a bike

3. Skeleton riding a bike

There is a bicycle in every house. What is harder to find is the skeleton. Goog news, we live in 21st century and everything can be found on.... Ebay. Depending on your budget you can spend from 10 to 100$. Here is the cheapest model i found and it is only 15$. Place it on the bike in your garden and watch the people staring at your house.

4. Puking pumpkin

What is Halloween without a carved pumpkin? Another very easy to make decoration. All you need is a pumpkin and the empty bottles of wine from last night or the night before. And don't tell me you don't drink. Carve the pumpkin and use its inside to make it look as if it flows out of the pumpkin's mouth. It is as funny as disgusting, isn't it?

buried children

5. The buried children

Do you want to scare your neighbours to death? Then this Halloween decoration is just for you. Take the old pants of your children and fill them with straw. It is better to use sticks to keep the pants straight. Stab the sticks in the ground as if this is a person buried in the ground to the waist and the legs are sticked up in the air. Put them a pair of shoes and let your neighbours think these are you buried in the ground children.

This is all from me. I hope you enjoyed my article. I did my best to offer you easy-to-make decorations so that you don't need to hire professional handymen to deal with it. After all, the purpose of Halloween is to have fun. That's why you have to do, enjoy the day.