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October 29, 2017

You just can't resist, can you?

Well, well, well. Hello there. Welcome to the article.

Why are you here? We didn’t even tell you what it would be about, other than the fact it had something to do with Kylie Jenner, and now here we are.

Honestly, this is really sad.

What ultimately meaningless topic is this article going to cover? Her pregnancy? Her cosmetic line? One of her TV shows?

You didn’t even know! Yet you still clicked the link to come here.

Well guess what? We have something to admit to you. We’re not going to talk about anything related to Kylie Jenner. How does that make you feel?


No, we’re not going to talk about her Puma endorsement either.

While the fact you’re here is shameful, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your actions were more emblematic of society’s failures; not your own.

Still, it’s important to take some personal accountability. And the fact you’re reading this right now says a lot about your priorities in life.

But you can learn. Start by admitting you have a problem, and take this opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

You can become a better person if you set your mind to it. One future day, instead of eagerly injecting every bit of Kylie Jenner-related content straight into your veins, you’ll just ignore it. You’ll do something else. Anything else. We believe in you.

So close out of this now, move on, and start fresh. This is the first day of the rest of your life.