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April 13, 2015

Desalination plants are popping up all over California's coast and will soon be purifying the pacific of all salt and aquatic life in order to fill your above ground pool!

San Diego County’s quick fix to California’s exceptional drought comes in the form of a water desalination plant. The 1 billion dollar project is already underway and is scheduled to open in November. When operational the facility will be the largest Brita in the western hemisphere and gain access to 187 quintillion gallons of water from the Pacific Reservoir, formerly known as the Pacific Ocean.

San Diego’s facility won’t pillage the Pacific alone as anabandoned plant in Santa Barbara is scheduled for re-commission, plans are inthe final stages for a large desalination plant for Hunting Beach, and dozens of smaller plants are up and running across the state.

Desalination plants have long been thought to be an incredible danger to the environment due to their high use of electricity,carbon dioxide emission, destruction of oceanic ecosystems, and displacement of aquatic life.

“It was not an easy decision to build this plant because of the negative environment impact but we’ll worry about that shit later .”

— Mark Weston, one of the largest water suppliers in SoCal.