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January 31, 2012

Just a little ditty bout the big dream of going to Japan.

So you just graduated from university and you have yourself a ton of  student loan debt. You don't want to jump into the real world at least not quite yet. So you sit there pondering of some sort of scheme that will keep you from the cold icy hands of reality for at least another year or so. So if you are like me you have to have some brain juice to get yourself in the right state of mind. So you head on over to the fridge and there she sits. A nice tall boy of  your favorite devils brew staring right at you. So you pop her open and slip into your man cave to do some serious thinking. But your eyes they are a getting heavy by now since 5 cans of tall boy brain juice for some odd reason tends to do that to you. Before you know it you are starting the river of drool all over your favorite shirt! Come on man snap out of it. But not before you start having one of the most awesome dreams you have ever had! In the dream you are working teaching English in Japan. Good times brother.
You imagine yourself walking down the streets of Japan and all of those sexy Japanese ladies smiling at your and waving like you are some kind of rock star. Big man on campus. The leader of the pack. The big toe on the foot of life.
You arrive at work and are greeted by the receptionist that welcomes you with a big smile on her face and  a cup of green tea (Since as you know Japanese green tea will kill the toxic demons inside you with one sip) Now this is what I  call living brother.
You walk into the classroom and it is filled to the rim with beautiful Japanese ladies all awaiting for you to open your mouth and just say hello to them. There is a pile of gifts on the desk that sits before you all with personal notes and their phone numbers inside and this happens each and every day when you go to work!
You stand in front of your class with a big grin on your face looking at all of those ladies just staring at you like you are a piece of meat and they have been deprived of food for 4 days.
Then suddenly you feel a sharp blow to the side of your head as your roommate kicks you in the side of the head for making a pond of drool all over the hardwood

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