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Published: December 25, 2012
Description: Eggnog and Cat Litter. What the Holidays are all about!


Wassup Christmas bitches!

You knew it was coming.  There is no basement this blog will not dig through.  Now enjoy the Christmas Cats!  And hopefully non-confrontational family and high proof Holiday cheer!

Game of Thrones White Walker kitten on X-mas.

Meow fabulous.

No caption necessary.  Seizures possible.

Our cat souls are trapped in this mug!

We gots some animation going on this baby.

Note:  putting rope decorations around animals necks not the best idea.

Goblin Cat.

No, I did not defecate in this stocking. Cat’s honor.

Crochet rendering of a human-cat hybrid carrying a Poinsettia.

Note the holiday litter box in the upper left corner.


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