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Published: March 08, 2011
Description: Podcasters of The Caribbean is available now to download so go do it before the ghost in my head get you

Jon Brown: Oooh is that a brand spanking new episode of Stupid O'Clock I see on the upload Keith Souch ?

Keith Souch: Yes it is, i had to fight a rabid Koala bear for it and he was armed with a rich tea biscuit the sod!

Jon Brown: THE SWINE! Does it feature lots of side splitting humour the likes of which only truly disturbed individuals will enjoy?

Keith Souch: Yes just like my grandmothers pin cushion stuffed to the brim with severed fingers from naughty masturbaters

Jon Brown: Does it feature brand new music from Cally & Juice, Organ Donors, Pendulum, Linkin Park, Rising Star, Sc@r, Eufeion and a very special CLASSIC Old Skool guest mix from DJ Delite?

Keith Souch: Thats what i said, naughty masturbaters the lot of them, I didnt fight in the Intergalactic war of zarblog 13 for this sort of filth! We were fighting for freedom and for a complete collection of Teenie Terapins from Kinder Surprise!

Jon Brown: HAZZAH! I shal head to www.stupidoclock.podomatic.com at once!

Keith Souch: See that you do young rapskalian and fetch me my tripe and kippers