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April 17, 2012

This is my take on how the media is making me feel like a racist with the Trayvon case.

We're all familiar with the Trayvon/George Zimmerman case by now. Just in case you live under a rock, here's the brief synopsis. George Zimmerman (White Hispanic Male) who was in a Neighborhood Watch program, was following Trayvon Martin (Black Male) because he was acting suspicious. George Zimmerman called the police and told them this and when the police arrived on the scene, Trayvon Martin was already shot and killed. George Zimmerman claimed it was self-defense and nothing more. The police let him go on the grounds of Florida states "stand your ground law".

However, George Zimmerman stood his ground but now he has to pay for it. How that came about is amazing. Now, no new evidence was found but....instead special interest groups and media outcry were able to get the justice system to change their mind and charge him with 2nd degree murder.....but why should we stop there, let's prosecute people of the past that have stood there ground but those scoundrel's got away with it. Here's a list to prosecute by

  1. White men landing in Africa: White men stood their ground because those people of different color came at them with handshakes and sticks. So white men did what anyone would have done in that situation, enslave a nation and feel bad about it later.

    2. White men landing in America: White men stood their ground because those people in animal skins came at us with handshakes and sticks. White men could have at least called squatter's rights. Instead, they obliterated their people and the ones still alive were given their own land called "reservations". 

    3. White men crucifying Jesus: White men stood their ground because a bearded man with carpentry skills preached peace and unity. Truly disgusting, where's my hammer and cross.

    4. White men killing those who did not follow Roman Catholicism: White men stood their ground when other's just thought it wasn't for them. Even though, thou shall not kill was a commandment, they didn't get the memo.

    5. White men murdering millions of Jews: White men stood their ground when these people lit 8 candles, spun a dreidel, and shouted mazel tov because who does that? It's not like some kind of God gave us free will or anything like that.

As you can see, we have a pattern here. White men are inherently racist, evil, murdering scums of society. We need to prosecute all of them. In fact, I have already turned myself in. For what you may ask? Nothing yet, but I'm a white man, I'm sure I'll do something.

Although, If I was George Zimmerman's attorney, I would pull out the "White Defense Strategy". This only happens when the accused (White) is judged by a jury of his peers (White) and the magistrate (White) gives the final decision (White Veto). The fundamentals of this strategy employs the pattern of repeat offense (See Above List - White men control and kill everything). Time will tell if this strategy will work, it may be difficult because he his "White Hispanic" but any bit of "White" in you helps. I'm SK Comedian saying as a white man, GO WHITE POWER, Ohhhhhh, that didn't sound right.

SK Comedian


If you're an idiot and didn't guess my sarcasm in this concerning topics like our unfair justice system, how the justice system should have convicted him originally for his crime but the media had to get involved and that shouldn't have happened but since it did, why doesn't the media go after other things then, the blatant facts about white men throughout history, the fact that George Zimmerman is guilty and some media outlets making it sound like white people are all racist. If you understood all that originally, then pat yourself on the back, if not, you're the racist people i'm talking about in this.