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January 17, 2010


Alright Fella's we all know that there are many things a man should experience and do in life and I am proud to say that I finally did one of those things about a week ago and it took me five days and I really enjoyed the experience. No it was not number 3 on the list(you know what I mean) but i would say it it is in the top ten. This was something that I really did not have much experience in and to be honest before i started I wasn't sure if I'd actually be able to do it properly. I did though and was really pleased with how it all turned out. I was able to use all the equipment properly, it didn't cost me as much as I thought it would and it gave me a new perspective on things and opened my eyes up to numerous other possibilties.

I think every man should build a deck on the back of his house.

A man and a hammer.

For once I was Wilson and now I am Tim.