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Published May 26, 2011

There are people in life who bring their skills to a new level. Painting had Van Gogh. Science had Albert Einstein. Whining has..well everybody else.

Sometimes when you hear certain people whine, you feel something.  I typically liken it to hearing people scrape their fingers across a chalkboard. Yep...that sound! I often wonder to myself what they expect to get from doing this. Do they think that God somewhere will look down, HEAR THAT INCESSANT SOUND and send them whatever they want as long as they SHUT UP!?!? It's NEVER going to happen because GOD doesn't care about your whining either! Give Him a break, he's got a WORLD to run!!

I think that in the end it has something to do with what people think of themselves. If they don't feel as though they're getting enough attention then they'll whine. If they don't get enough doing that then they'll go on a TV talk show.

In the end, if you're going to try to whine like the CEOs of Enron did (who said they never knew about the corruption) or the head of the IMF (who consistently says he's innocent of any wrongdoing) , or the multitudes of people acros everywhere....remember that WHINING is an art...and unless you become the VAN GOGH of whining....nobody cares.


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