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August 16, 2008


Yeah,I'm actually kinda glad that CNN(Ted Turner's Great Satan) didn't put my post on their bad writing blog.I hate corporate America.I still got the hots for Robin Meade.CNN waste precious air time on fluff new stories like a bad writing contest when you could win 250 bucks.Are they saying my writing is too glad to be entered in the bad writing contest.I seriously doubt that.I never want to be in the status quo.You can enjoy my bad writing on this blog and a few other.When can put on stories about "The Mouse,cat,dog man from Bisbee" who I actually know. That's proof positive that God is doing bong hits on the chronic.A mouse on top of a cat which is on top a dog is not that impressive.Now,if the dog stood on top of the cat while the cat is on top of the mouse;it's impressive in a freak show way.I'll spent a dollar for that.I'm originally from New Orleans,La and a lot too impress me.Some stuff that shocks a lot of people just bores the shit out of me.There's a story from new Orleans when the rollerderby team did their parody of "running of the bulls".They wore horns and skated through the French Quarters whacking people with plastic baseball bats.Usually,some people have to pay extra for kinky stuff like in the Quarter.Anyway,I watch the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert for my real news.Fox News is just as laughable as CNN.When they're not licking W's balls.I never tell me I'm not a bad writer,again.