In this new feature tentatively called 3–7 TV Clips, we feature anywhere between three and seven TV clips from the day before. Does that sound good? Today there are four clips. Feel free to start the clip counters we handed out at the beginning of class!

Nothing depicts the difference in how fast late night TV shows work compared to how fast the Internet works quite like watching a late night clip about Pizza Rat 48 hours after it went viral online. And that’s okay! This is precisely why we’re going to share two pieces of Pizza Rat related content in this roundup—as a learning experience, or whatever. If you are tired of Pizza Rat, read on until you see the safe word, #WeFinishedTalkingAboutPizzaRat.

Stephen Colbert had a big guest yesterday, and he also had Donald Trump. Does that joke format work or would it only work if Pizza Rat was an actual guest on the show? Anyways, check out Colbert’s take on the inspirational, shocking, heartwarming, and not-a-huge-deal-to-New-Yorkers-who-see-this-kind-of-stuff-all-the-time video below:

Colbert was not the only late night host with P.R. on the mind, though, as we can see in this Jimmy Kimmel Live clip. Pizza Rat’s fame got Jimmy Kimmel thinking, if pizza rat is the most NYC thing, what is the most LA thing? Maybe the most LA thing is this:


On Ellen, nice married couple Portia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres played the “Not So Newlywed” game against fellow nice married couple Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. In this new twist on an old game show classic, each of the four contestants say nice things about their partner, but if they say the wrong nice thing they get to hear a real loud buzz sound indicating how wrong their nice thing was.

Finally, last night Donald Glover went on Conan and talked about what it was like switching from comedy to rapping. Specifically, he covers what it’s like to get soap thrown at you when you are working either of those careers. Comedians getting soap thrown at them be like this, but rappers getting soap thrown at them be like this.