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March 20, 2014

On one hand, this kid needs to chill out, but on the other hand this totally worked.

During a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and a team from Australia (not a joke) a player tosses a ball into the stands towards a kid, but doesn’t quite make it. (I’m guessing it was one of the Australians.(this one is a joke)) Needless to say, the kid FREAKS THE FUCK OUT.

He eventually manages to calm down when a security guard goes to grab the ball to toss it into the stands, but THEN HE HANDS IT TO THE WRONG KID. Whoops. What a mess! Anyhow, the second kid's mom and Elmo are there to set everything straight, proving once and for and all that in a pinch, a good tantrum is the solution to any and all problems.

h/t For the Win