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January 11, 2009


A politician that  finally told the truth.....I don't think the public was ready from that.Of course,now I don't think that Barack Obama will enjoy any honeymoon period from the press,fellow politicians and perhaps the public at large.I'm hoping that public opinion won't be formed a blind zombie cult-like intensity to our so-called media.For me to get the real news is I have to read the New York Times,or watch the BBC World News and Mcneil/Lerher Report.HLN,ABC,CBS,NBC AND FOXNEWS IS ALL CRAP. I have a thing for Rachel Maddows.But,I also had a thing for Rachel Ray.It doesn't mean I want to get my news from her. Lou Dobbs sometimes makes sense and I don't usually say that about Republicans and even ex-Republicans like him.The Republican party going downhil since Herbert Hoover.But, only the democrats being picking on Obama so far. Enough of the sour grapes and get something done.