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November 12, 2009


Street Food- Would You

I have very particular eating habits. I am borderline vegan ( I endulge in creatures from the sea), but stay away from true meats, dairy, processed foods etc.

Honestly, there is no moral or ethical reason for it. I have never really liked meat, I had a bad experience with a vein in my food as a child and it turned me off.

Due to my annoying eating habits it can be hard to find places to catch a bite on the fly. I am lucky that I happen to work in a building that has a vegan, seventh day aventist

Restaurant in the basement, but when I am out and about it becomes hard. I am forced to be “that girl” that asks “Is there butter in that?” “do you used wheat flower or white”. Yuck, I am as displeased as you.. the upside.. I swear by the rule you are what you eat.  I see women and men who eat heavily processed foods. Usually the women who were thin in their youth think they can continue munching on fried goodies and then poop late 20’s.. sudden fat ass. People look bloated and old before their time. But I am NOT here to preach at all. I am here to share my dilemma. The smell of Street Food. Honestly, it is delectable.  The falafel or street chicken carts parked on Broadway… yum yum yum… It smells awesome! BUT I cannot imagine it tastes as good as it looks. There is always some dirty, hairy looking Uzbekistani guy standing over it… using the same spatula for everything…It kinda grosses me out.


   So I want to know- would you, Do you??? Let me know… I will be sitting over here eating my smelt grain with soy cheese J