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September 21, 2017

Dicks as far as the eye can semen.

Netflix and Funny Or Die have teamed up to bring us “American Vandal,” an 8-part docuseries about what happens when a small town starts seeing dicks. everywhere.

We asked you to be on the lookout for #DicksEverywhere and boy, did you deliver. Plus, your posts helped us support the Movember Foundation, and that’s pretty cool.

Check out our favorite dicks that you saw in the wild and stream “American Vandal” now on Netflix to find out #WhoDrewTheDicks!

1) Ba da ba ba baaaa…I’m lovin’ dick

McDonald's is fucking savage #DicksEverywhere American Vandal

Posted by FuckJerry on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2) Literally none of us have an eggplant

3) More like ‘The Sexth Sense’

4) Lit swimmin’ in dick

5) Imagine getting this reply on Tinder

It's time we take back the dick pic. Here's how to get revenge on all the fuckboys on Tinder who keep sending dick pics: #dickseverywhere http://betches.co/2f8w42B

Posted by Betches on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

6) Wow what a rude dog

7) Wondering if “Blended Dick” is Whole30

8) Did you need cream?

thank you for this subtle message, god #DicksEverywhere go check out @jimprov new show on Netflix #AmericanVandal! #ad

A post shared by BECKY ROBINSON (@beckyrobinson4) on

9) Hard as a rock

10) 1011010118======D

11) Orange you glad he didn’t say penis?

12) Eat a dick

13) That’s a puppenis

NEW PUPPY #soproud #DicksEverywhere #ad

A post shared by Sunny Mabrey (@sunnymabrey) on

14) Excuse me I ordered a coffee not a cockfee

when your morning latte art looks like a.... #DicksEverywhere #sp

A post shared by J Tyler (@jtylerwhitmer) on

15) She just spotted dick

16) That pole has a pole

17) Def the latter

Cute house cacti or just three dicks?!? Watch #AmericanVandal on Netflix! #DicksEverywhere #WhoDrewTheDicks #Sponsored

A post shared by Olivia Aguilar (@olivianewtonjuan) on

18) Immaculate conception

19) Atomic dong

Am I the only one who noticed this?!? I don't know if it's just me but lately I'm seeing #DicksEverywhere

A post shared by Camille Ramsey (@ramseyc) on

20) More like Dong-gress

21) Do you measure up?

#AAAGirls know a good heel is the size of a good dick #dickseverywhere #ad

A post shared by WILLAM (@willam) on

22) As far as the eye can semen

23) Need to trim that bush

right where I belong. #dickseverywhere #ad lol

A post shared by JAKE WILSON (@jakewil) on

24) Going the wrong way

This guy loves dicks #DicksEverywhere #whodrewthedicks #sponsored

A post shared by J O H N M C K A Y (@johnlmckay) on

25) A dick of the light

26) The dick that eats like a meal

27) She’s packin’ heat

This looks dirtier than I intended dickseverywhere #americanvandal

A post shared by Brittany Marsicek (@bmarsz) on

28) Flowers make me horny

I think this vase has a boner. I mean, that's what a penis looks like, right? #dickseverywhere #ad #hotclarinet

A post shared by Fortune Feimster (@fortunefeimster) on

29) The hero we deserve

30) Going cockwild

BONUS: Here’s a good reason to whip it out

Funny Or Die and American Vandal are proud to support the Movember Foundation in the #DicksEverywhere campaign. Thank you everyone for participating and for those who have not, there is still time to whip one out. Just use #DicksEverywhere or visit us.movember.com.