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Please ! Turner inc , bring the T.N.A. pro wrestling brand into the T.N.A. Family ASAP ! 

For the love of Gold could someone on the Pens score some damn goal so we can win the cup again this year , because i know you can do it boys you have it in you all my peeps. 

Just let me hit the PCH sweepstakes for $7,000 a year for life in month for the love of God ! 

Could i get a GF that isn't f*cking bad news for the love of all that is good in holly God just give me a wife that is nice please ! 

Look people i don't have any money so i can't pay agents so if you want me in a movie get a hold of me and get me a way their and a Trailer and i'll do whatever you need for as long as you need and for cheap , so for the of God get come to me ! 


Please God just let the pirates win the big one daddy o ! 

SEGA Dreamcast 2 please God please master please ! 

Title Match Pro Wrestling the video games should come back a yearly T.N.A. video game you dig , so for the love of God get to work ! 

For the love of God just let their be a all vegan fast food place already man ! 

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