Work it ( Angelina Sky Tay Sue aka Angle ( Rebecca Carlton )  is a busty stripper \ strip club owner , who enlists her 2 beauteous bevy of girls Tay Tay  Sue aka Suger ( Justine Waddell ) , Shaniqua Sydal aka Candy ( Kristin Holt ) (when they are not dancing the VJ strip club owned by Sugar ) to help her bring down the King Pin of all kings the lord of crime himself Jeff Franklin ( Because pay back is a mother fucking bitch ! ). You see Jeff Franklin ( Jason London ) has all the pull in the world around her in Pittsburgh PA ( or where ever but i think it's best in Pittsburgh ) , being that his twin brother Carl Franklin ( Jeremy London )  brother is the Mayor of Pittsburgh and their little brother Jim Franklin ( Paul London ) is the chief of police around these part. An so the 3 of them work together running the black market and do other bad things together in this town. An well good old Jeff Franklin is a womaniser who loves to beat on women down on their luck and then hook them out for cash. An well Tiffany Sue was the first of a long of women Jeff Franklin has smacked around and will Angle and Candy are also on that list and that is way Sugar has taking in Angle and Candy and has trained them to kick ass on the pole and to kick ass on streets. An now these 3 ladies must under cover the truth of the Franklin if their going to bring down the Franklin family for good and save this city from the trouble they bring. But this ain't mission but the Franklin ties go deeper then one would think. An well a lot of old shit comes back to haunt them all. So Angelina Sky is the brains , Tay Tay aka Suger is the wild card , and Shaniqua Sydal is the muscles in the 3 pack of stripper hero ladies. So this movie has a Action \ comedy \ sex \ drama \ adventure \ mystery \ what have you in it mates. ( a little mix of everything in this one.  Rated R as it gets and then some all in the name of good fun ! )  

Rant : " Look am letting you movie \ show makers have all the room in the world to organically do this thing up big dogs , with your magic skills um k you all , but on a side-note this movie would be best off if women write and direct this idea so it comes off deep and down to earth. 
An hell if you shot in Pittsburgh i'll come up and do some work on and off cam. 
But look if you if you can't get these people ( an do best do so ) than just do this just a one Asian , One White , One Black woman  for the ladies roles and get 3 dudes who look a like for the male roles in this movie but it's best off if you do it my way in Pittsburgh. Just sayin ! You owe me this one film industry because i have came with more hit t.v. show and movie ideas for you cats then anyone , an a lot of them even came out good and did well and are doing well , so just give me this one ! " 

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