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A.A.A. Lucha Libre U.S.A. The Masked Warriors and Funny or Die should team up to put on a show ( that will be posted on FunnyOrDie.com ) to find a cure for Alzheimer and you could even do one every month for something different each time in LA at whatever place you can find to put on the shows in LA each month. 

N.W.A. Pro Wrestling @ The St John Arena in Steubenville O.H. Putting on a fundraising show for the Wounded Soldier Foundation. 

Jam Bands for Mankind @ the Jimmy Carey Stadium in Weirton W.V. putting on a fundraising music festival to raise money for the Salvation Army and this could be a yearly thing every summer at the Jimmy Carey Stadium. 

Stand UP !  A new stand up Cancer fundraiser where stand up comics get together to do their sets in the name of stand up to cancer. An this could air on Comedy Central. 

Bands and Slams where Live Music and live Pro Wrestling join together to put on a fundraising show for the AiDS Foundation. An this could be put on by T.N.A. pro wrestling and live nation working together for a good cause.  Or whatever companies because the Bands and Slams idea is good one that should be done as much as possible if you ask me. 

( "Here is ideas for a new pro wrestling company that could do all kinds of different fundraising shows called B.S.P.W. ( bands and slams pro wrestling )  where music and pro wrestling mix for good causes. ( you know some of money they make will good to charities each time they do a show ) now that is a pro wrestling company Billy Corgan should start up you dig." ) 

M.T.V. Rock and Jocks Sports should make a come back an start do fundraisers of all kinds. 

Art for a Cause a art show fundraiser for the Metal Health Foundation.  ( An these could be done anywhere at any time all over the world so lets get this Art for a Cause going for the Metal Health Foundation world wide my friends. ) 

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