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All the people that have gotten fired by the W.W.E. and T.N.A. should be picked by the G.F.W to make up a lot of the new G.F.W. roster mix in with the best of independents. 

Well since the G.F.W. will be working with N.J.P.W. and A.A.A. they should also link up with the N.W.A. as well you dig you dig. 

C.B.S. should pick the N.W.A. to show on the local channels kind of like what R.O.H. does with T.V. time. 

The G.F.W. on T.N.T. or whatever channel but they need a main stream show. 

Well since the N.W.A. has the best women's division in the world they really should keep pushing hard. 

The G.F.W. best have their own theme songs. 

The N.W.A. ( or any of the companies ) should do a live show each week on their Youtube channel for free ( aka add money ) so the world can watch live. 

Bring back the U.S. N.W.A. tag team titles. 

The Headbangers in the G.F.W. make it happen Double J. 

A.A.A. U.S.A. vs A.A.A. would be cool for a the A.A.A. t.v show that they post on the Youtube page as well. 

A.A.A. U.S.A. vs N.W.A. could be a cool i.P.P.V.  

A.A.A. U.S.A. and R.O.H. should work together. 

R.O.H. should bring in AR Fox and turn him into the next T.V. champ. 

Jimmy Nutts is ready for the R.O.H. main roster if you ask me R.O.H. so at least have him on the card when your in Wheeling W.V. since jimmy nutts is from the area. 

Mega Muerte in the N.W.A. would be the sh*t ! 

Chavo jr vs Rob Conway for the N.W.A. title would be a killer f in title match up for sure N.W.A. ( asses in sets buds ! ) 

This goes for any pro wrestling company come start doing shows in Steubenville Ohio at the St John Arena because their are a lot of pro wrestling fan in the Ohio Valley. 

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