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Published September 23, 2010
Please God Lets the Pittsburgh Pirates win the 2015 World Series for the love of God ! 

Please God lets the W.W.E. put Alex Riley back in the ring full time and they give him a nice big push when doing so here in 2015. 

Please God hook me up with a steady GF this year that looks good and i can get along with big man up stairs. 

Please God lets the G.F.W. not suck and be on channel that i have so don't have to track it down online every week. 

Please God give the N.W.A. pro wrestling company a world wide t.v. show this year in 2015. 

Please God lets me hit the P.C.H. lotto for  5,000 $ a week forever because i been playing P.C.H. on a every day base for 6 years , so come on ! 

Please God have someone rich make a world vegan fast foot joint in 2015. 

Please God get me the Hell up out of W.V. 

Please God clear up all the no good BS in and around my life ASAP ! 

Please God no more tragic sh*t  in the world ! Because where all sick of it because it's a never ending f*cking story over here God D*NM it ! 

( Keep the Faith you all and maybe things will not only get better for each of are us individual lives but for the whole world over. ) 


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