Van Helsing ( The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula has teamed up with Dr. Frankenstein using the research of Dr. Frankenstein , a werewolf and The monster Frankenstein along with a whole giant cult of vampires and other demon seeds for some sinister purpose. With Van Helsing and his friar sidekicks Carl show up to fight the good fight when they meet Anna Valerious who becomes a part of the team and yes she also becomes Van Helsing's lover and together they help the people of Transylvania fight evil. Rated T.V. MA. An yes then a comic book series , video games , toys and so on can and will be made after the animated series you dig players. 

FML ( Jacob West is a 30 year old burnout loser who drinks to much. An old Jacob here lives in his sisters \ brother in laws Kenny Muhart ( The steel factory worker ) and Stacie Muhart's ( veterinarian assistant ) basement ( lots of cats and dogs and other animals as well live in this house just so you know ) these days after his parents moved away after they retired from work. You see now that Jacob's 20 year nephew is now playing soccer in college so the Muhart house hold is kind of an empty nest and since Stacie Jacob's half sister is 12 year older than him she was basically the person who raised him up. An so for a "living" to help out around the place Jacob West has become an independent pro wrestler in the local area wrestling under his real name. An when his don't wrestling or partying his balls off he enjoys blogging on funny or die and beating off. An yes ladies his single ! An as for other family Jacob has an older brother who is trouble maker named israel West the dead beat dad who pops up every now and then from time to time when his not out on the road playing music. An so one night israel West stops by to take Jacob West out drinking and on that night Jacob runs into a old friend he grow up with back their school days name Lindsay Green she has never been married and no kids because has been banging up heroine the past 4 years and she has been bouncing around staying at where ever she can. But she has been clean for 2 months and is living back with her parents trying to get her act together in this world. So Jacob and Lindsay start dating each other as they try to help each other get their lives on track together and this is that love story. Now that is close to home stuff right their for me my peeps. An all this is going down in the small city an hour outside of Pittsburgh PA called Weirton W.V. ( The Ohio Valley Area is where this show take place ) you know where they shot Super 8 at you know.  Rated T.V. MA as it gets ! ) 

Death of a Salesman ( The movie based off the play from 1949. ) 

C.O.P.S. ( The live action movie based off the short lived cartoon \ comic book series. ) 

inHumanoids ( The live action movie based off the short lived cartoon. A team of human subterranean explorers and their allies are the suface's main defence against evil invading monsters. Earth Corps, a team of scientists specializing in subterranean exploration, would prefer to simply go about their work. However, this changes when a horde of monsters from below called Inhumanoids, collaborated by the evil human traitor, Blackthorne Shore, begin to attack the surface world. Against this threat, the team, and allied monster species they meet are forced to oppose them with whatever skills and equipment are useful. ) 

Thundarr the Barbarian ( The live action t.v. series loosely based off the old cartoon. A barbarian and his companions wander a devastated future Earth and fight evil where ever they find it. In the year 2994, a comet hurtles between Earth and the moon. The moon is destroyed, and the Earth loses its ozone layer--causing the entire planet to be laid waste. Centuries later, Earth has become "a world of savagery, super-science, and sorcery," inhabited by various evildoers, scavengers, and magicians. Thundarr, a warrior who wields a powerful sword, is joined by his friends Ookla the Mok and Princess Ariel as they make their way through this strange world.) 

Jonny Quest ( The live action movie based off the very first episode every of the Jonny Quest cartoon series from September 18 , 1964. ) 

Centurious ( The live action movie based off the short lived cartoon series. The Centurions are the most powerful fighting force of the 21st century. Equipped with special Exoframe suits, they are the ultimate fighting machines, as well as Earth's only defence against Dr. Terror and his Doom Drones. ) 

D&D ( The Rated T.V. MA animated series based off Dungeons and Dragons. Make by the Dungeons and Dragons people. ) 

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