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MARK OUT ! ( A traveling indy pro wrestling tag team called Team 420 ( and ladies their single ) Ron Brown ( Chris Klein ) & his main man Luke White ( Seann Williams  Scott )  an they are also big time wrestling fans, who get mega devastated ! By the ousting of their favorite character The Vampire Warrior ( David Heath ) by an unscrupulous promoter of the W.C.W.F. Jim Cornette ( Himself) . The Vampire Warrior is now a faded professional wrestler who must retire, but finds his quest for a new life outside the ring a dispiriting struggle. So are burn out friends here Team 420 Luke and Ron, they will embark on a quest to help their hero win back his job and the W.C.W.F. title for the very first time ! By restoring his honor in his come back baby ! So with the help of the fan boy marks Team 420 Ron and Luke you dig ! An after a come back on the independents for The Vampire Warrior to get back in shape and what not, Team 420 and The Vampire Warrior crash a W.C.W.F. and piss off Jim Cornette so f in bad ! That the Vampire Warrior is going to get one last shot in the W.C.W.F. An it all come down to this sports fans ! One match a Career vs World Title Match inside a Last Man Standing Match inside a Steel Cage ! VS the long time W.C.W.F. World Heavyweight Champ the man the myth the legend himself King Kong Bundy ( Himself ) but first Luke White and Ron Brown Team 420 must beat The tag champs Crime Time ( J.T.G & Shad ) in a no QD match if their hero The Vampire Warrior wants to get his shot a King Kong Bundy for the World Title.  An in the end Team 420 wins and they get a full time contract with the W.C.W.F. Also yes The Vampire Warrior becomes World champ an on top of that ! Because good old owner of W.C.W.F. Jim Cornette changes his tune real fast like he signs both Team 420 and The Vampire Warrior to W.C.W.F 2 year contracts for undisclosed amount of cash money you dig. An so in the end it's all good ! An Hell Ron and Luke even start getting laid by the hottest women pro wrestling fans for town to town.  Happy Endings all around the end. Made by the people who made the American Pie movie. )  World Class Wrestling Federation ( W.C.W.F. )  Sidenote: "A it would be cool if could get W.W.E. on this movie."  But you can see where am going with this action comedy movie idea right ! Rated R, in this balls out comedy all about the love of pro wrestling baby ! Yo, it's a sure slamming good times. So check her out dude ! ) 

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