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September 14, 2012

Sen. Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor to make a very visible break from President Obama.

Ryan receives endorsement from ReaganPaul Ryan, pictured above receiving the endorsement of Ronald Reagan, received an endorsement today from someone you wouldn't expect. 

Sen. Chuck Schumer, in what will most likely be used in ads for Paul Ryan,  wholeheartedly endorsed Ryan for Vice President.

It’s nice to see Paul Ryan back here in Congress. It will be even nicer to see him back here as a full-time member in January.
Sen. Chuck Schumer, Socialist-NY Archipelago

Because as Chuck Schumer should know, and Sarah Palin most certainly does, is that Paul Ryan as Vice President will be President of the Senate of the Senate and thus a full-time member of the Congress.

Of course we know what a vice president does, and that's not only preside over the Senate, and we'll take that position very seriously, also, I'm thankful that the Constitution would allow a bit more authority given to the vice president also if that vice president so chose to exert it in working with the Senate....
Sarah Palin, author
Lemme Tell Ya Whadoncha Know About The US of A
Vol. 1:  The US Constitution of the US of A

So, Schumer in this endorsement, from the floor of the Senate no less, seems to be splitting from his politburo in calling for Ryan as vice president. Schumer, later interrogated by stringers from Tass, known locally as the mainstream media, declined to say if the endorsement for Ryan extended to Romney as well. I placed a call to Ms. Palin for clarification on how vice presidents are elected to see if Schumer can actually endorse Ryan without also endorsing Romney and will get back to you once I get a definitive answer.

You're welcome.


UPDATE: While Ms. Palin's people have yet to answer about the process of electing vice presidents, they have clarified one point for some of my readers. The US Constitution she refers to in the first volume of her Primer for Patriots series, Lemme Tell Ya Whadoncha Know About The US of  A, The US Constitution is the document and not the boat by the same name but with an extra S. And by document she means handed down by God himself.