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The Author:
Earl M. Furfine lives in Potomac, Maryland with his children, Allison and Benjamin. He is a serial entrepreneur, has completed 31 triathlons including Ironman Louisville and Ironman Arizona and spends his remaining time fishing as often as possible. He also has been a private pilot for almost 30 years and loves anything that flies!
The Illustrator:
Marija Miletic Dail is an animation filmmaker and won Best of Animation Award at an International Film Festival in Switzerland. She is also a writer, illustrator, and a member of Academy of Arts and Sciences (Oscar).

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October 30, 2012

This is a great book for beginning readers. Full of laughs and adventure for those young ones fascinated with airports, airlines or airplane workings.



Red Redmond is taking his very first airplane ride on a trip to visit his grandfather, a Retired Air Force Fighter Pilot Ace. He has been waiting for this his whole short life and has decided to bring his trusty pal and side-kick, Pilot, his dog. He and Pilot love everything about airports, and Red’s father works at the airport where Red spends much of his spare time.

Without knowing it and through a little oversight, Red and Pilot go on the adventure of their life, through the airport and the airplane!! This book is terrific for young ones going on their first airline ride or anyone who loves airplanes.