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March 30, 2015

This new mashup puts together Gonzo from the Muppet Show and the Digital Underground song, "The Humpty Dance."

Alright, stop what you’re doing.

In 1989, there were probably no two things kids loved more than hip hop and The Muppets. Flash forward to 2015 and wouldn’t you believe it, the same still holds true today. And that’s why the internet gets so friggin’ excited every time a new video smashes those two things together.

The latest such video comes from Muppet Mashup vet Mylo the Cat and pits everyone’s favorite big-nosed monster friend, Gonzo, with Digital Underground’s big-nose fronted,“The Humpty Dance.” It’s perfect internet, even if we DON’T get to see Gonzo get busy in a Burger King bathroom.

Wait, no one else wanted that?

h/t Tastefully Offensive