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June 02, 2014

Just about my life. This one in particular is about a london escort.

I could not believe it

I could not believe it, I was shocked and my wife was not very happy, in fact she was fuming and most displeased about what was going on and I thought that I should write into this website to express my thoughts about this and ask what is going on with the world.

This post is about my stay I n London last week, my wife wanted to get a little hopping in before our daughters wedding, the perfect place she said was to stay about Bond Street, because there she was certain to be able to pick out a great outfit.

She picked a hotel call The Westbury, Bond Street W1S 4JU, it looked great, 5 stars and had a lovely bar, I do love a great bar. What I couldn’t believe was when we where going out the amount of ladies walking around the halls, my wife said that they where london escorts – you know call girls – ladies of the night – prostitutes! I said never in a million years would a hotel like this one allow those types of ladies in, it just wouldn’t happen and off we went. When we got back to the hotel after a day of shopping, there were even more and as a little game I thought I would ask one! The wife tried to stop me but I thought that it was just going to be too much fun, the first one of these girls I saw I ask and yes, she was an escort, she even told me which agency she had represent her and gave me the website

address! When I got back to the room I thought I would check it out and both my wife and I sat down at my laptop to have a look. The amount of girls on this website was unreal, there must have been 100 and they all looked so good, I even saw the pictures of the young lady I had question, she was topless – beautiful boobs.

On her profile there was her rates, her sizes, her likes ( I am guessing that these were her sexual services and that they couldn’t put that on the site) things like owo (?), alevel ( I know what that one was) and even couples, yes these girls are also happy to see couples!

This one brought a little smile to my wife’s face, we were staying in a top hotel, The Westbury is top class, and we had had a little drink at lunchtime, Molton House Bar – Molton Street, I did wonder if it were worth trying to see if we could book one but maybe decided a against it.

That brings me back to the reason I thought I would write in, what is the best way to go about seeing if my wife of twenty years would be happy for us to see an escort together and how on earth am I ever going to be able to ask her?