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March 06, 2010


saturday morning cartoons aren't what they used to be.  as i am typing this, a cartoon called "turbo dogs" is playing on my television set.  cgi dogs race cars and talk about racing while doing racing related things in their race car jumpsuits.  one of the characters is actually called "stinkbert"... at least that's what i think they are calling him.  ugh.  terrible.  where have all the good kids cartoons gone?  thundercats?  g.i.joe?  snorks?  smurfs?  scooby doo?  captain n?  gummy bears?  q-bert?  the littles?  hell, what about the classics?  my wife and i still watch the occasional tom and jerry if we catch it on tv.  i think i have put my finger on the pulse of what is wrong with kids today (wow, did i just type that?  lame!)... bad cartoon entertainment.  and what's with all the computer generated crap?  i love special effects as much as anyone else, but keep them out of my cartoons.  for my money... you can't beat a hand drawn cartoon.  have you seen some of the new disney crap.  a cgi mickey is a travesty.  what's next?  cgi flintstones?  cgi jetsons?  ok... rant over.