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June 14, 2012

It is one of the cheapest and easy repairs to make to your car. But still some guys will take the cheap option.

Wiper Blades Song


Heywood Banks really wants to change his "whuhiper blades" (watch the vid for the reference but be aware this song will be stuck in your head for days and I'm taking no liability for that).

Wiper Blade Fails

But even though changing your blades costs about $10 (£6), and takes about three minutes to do, there are still some guys, and it is only guys who lack this much class, taking the cheap option...


Check out this guy. What exactly was he trying to achieve here? A section of windscreen the size of a sponge he could see through next time it was raining? Also, he has totaly forgotten that sponges soak up water then stop working... this makeshift wiper sponge hybrid  will stop absorbing rain in about ohhhhh... a minute!


This one is almost as bad. What is that tiny bit of cloth going to do exactly? If you see a car like this infront of you keep your distance because he sure as hell can't see you.


Words fail me......

Find out how to properly fit you blades here: http://www.windscreenwipers.co.uk/fitting-guides/

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