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Published February 18, 2010 More Info »
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Published February 18, 2010
I have been watching all the Winter Olympics I can.  Well, not all.  I really don't like figure skating (Katerina Witt's comeback is the all too rare exception).  They have had a boatload of trouble at these games with snow and ice.The Skiing events have been in turmoil it seems from the beginning.  Whistler is a world class ski resort, so no problem with using it, they just seem to have hit a bad stretch of weather.The sled track, well we have all heard about the tragic accident on opening day.  They have had a terrible time maintaining the consistent ice from top to bottom.  Whoever designed the track should have run it through Roller Coaster Tycoon first.  90 mph from the ladies start.  That is FAST.We have seen issues with maintaining the proper humidity in the ice rinks and malfunctioning Zamboni's.  Their biggest challenge by far will be the Men's Free Skate figure skating.  With flamers like these performing on the ice tonight HOW DO THEY KEEP THE ICE FROZEN?