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December 15, 2017

A card can test someone's love.

One sure way to test the quality of someone’s love is to shock them with a revelation that will prove that they still love no matter what.

Does this make sense?

Let’s say that you’re a male politician who goes to shopping malls to prey on young women to the point that mall police tell you to stay away and yet you think of yourself as a heroic patriot. If you’re lucky you have a wife who will stand by you anyway perhaps because you’re famous enough and rich enough that she can’t afford to lose you and has made the decision to stick by you no matter what you do.

How do you really know if your significant other, life partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, live-in lover, husband, wife, whatever, really loves you for yourself.

You can use a MemoryTag greeting card to put them to the test.

Let’s say your wife is in the hospital for treatment. You could send her a card that says, “Dear Sweetheart: Just a note to express that I hope you get well, but if you don’t, could you sign over to me ownership of your $140,000 Maserati sports car just in case? I will need a lot of money to go on vacations and search for someone other than you to replace you and it could take almost a year.

Yours Truly

Icabod J. Schmedlap.

Now if that woman sticks by you when she gets out of the hospital if she does get out, she really loves you—for some reason——despite yourself. It’s really true love.

See how it works?

You’re testing the undying quality of their love.

You can use politics.

Let’s say you have a mistress who is demanding (blackmailing) more money from you this month and you are an elected official who ran on a “Youth Values” candidacy. You write your wife from Mazatlán,Mexico, the holiday resort you share with your mistress Carmen. Your faithful wife back at home, the woman who stood faithfully by you when you were nothing, who taught you how to speak in public, how to analyze an economics report, who showed you how to appeal to constituents, how to appear at expensive dinners, what knife and fork to use and so on—–in other words the woman who made possible your fabulous political career.

You make an appeal to her with a card.

You send her a card saying, “Dear Sue, I have decided to switch to the other political party its most extreme wing (leftist or right-wing-nut-job). Please immediately sell our stocks in Allied Soot Company and mail me a check for $459,000. I need the money to buy women’s skirts and jewelry.”

If she sends you the money no questions asked, she must really love you.

Let’s say you’re a guy who’s been dating a girl forever but you don’t want to marry her because you think you can do better than her, but you need her until someone else more exciting comes along—–if they ever do.

You send her a card saying, “Dear Mimi, as you probably know already, I must have wide latitude in which to exercise my freedoms, and that includes sexual experimentation.”

If Mimi puts up with this, she truly loves you.

Another way is to use exalted status to test someone’s devotion.

You say for example, “Dear Monica, as you probably know by now, when you started dating me you upgraded your status, you moved up your station in life. How long we continue as a couple will depend on your ability to satisfy me. This means that you agree to any act of physical love no matter how kinky, humiliating or denigrating. You must be willing to do anything, anytime I ask. Remember, women of all kinds consider me to be a real catch. Also remember, you always hurt the one you love.”

If this is okay to Monica, as a sexual predator, you’re in.

There is also the warning or ultimatum card.

“Dear Flo, I’m really turned on by you but you must know I have a dark cloud over my head. I believe that the world is bad and that life is pointless. I will be rude to you in front of others at parties and demand constant attention like a spoiled child. I will drive away all your friends because I am a narcissist. I hate every moment of my life and I will drag you down with me.”

This card will being out the bad-boy mothering instinct in Flo and she will love you anyway.

A greeting card can be so much more than happy birthday or congratulations, get well soon, happy anniversary, friendship, Father’s Day, thank you, Valentine’s Day or wedding cards. MemoryTag gives you video capability to put your own video on a card to make it say anything you want.