Okay, internet. Let's call it quits for 2010. This will not be topped.*

It goes with out saying that this is a commercial for Norwegian Television. Obvi. And to recap, we've got, among others, Roger Moore, Corbin Bernsen, Huey Lewis, Jason Alexander, Ricki Lake, Malcolm Jamal Warner, David Faustino, Leslie Nielsen (if this is his last role, then he definitely went out on top), Pamela Anderson, Mickey Rourke, Kathleen Turner, Lou Ferrigno, Tanya Harding, David Faustino, George Wendt--

Hold on. I just want to go back to Tanya Harding. Excuse me, but um, whaaaaaaaaaaat? Was Amy Fisher too busy? Or were they really trying to get Nancy Kerrigan and decided she might almost make sense. Norway, what is going on?

Also, it was really great that C. Thomas Howell could reprise his role from Soul Man to be in this video. Oh wait, no, that was TUBBS FROM MIAMI VICE. Though to be fair, it's actually shocking that C. Thomas Howell isn't in this video. 

But of course Right Said Fred is. As is the kid who played young Forrest Gump. And Grandmaster B! And they're all on a greenscreen beach!

And Milli Vanilli! Obviously, I don't need to point out the irony of Milli Vanilli lip-syncing, but c'mon! Amazing!

I cannot get over how wonderful this is. It's like the internet had a meeting and Nick at Nite was playing the background and they all looked at each other and were like "Get Alfonso Ribeiero on the phone. Stat!"

And for that, we are grateful. Continue to be the internet, the internet. 

*Obviously, given the internet's ability to be the internet, there's a high likelihood it will in fact be topped. Hell, this is giving it a serious run for its money.