The week the president proved he was a genius by forgetting the National Anthem. He’s playing 4D chess with us all!!!

1) Playing his character from ‘Bright’ IRL

2) Because people from Iran aren’t black enough

3) Stump the Schwab Trump

4) It’s like saying “don’t think of elephants”

5) Mediocre Loser Krybaby

6) Trolling the Troll

7) Easiest way to make that happen - tell him Obama would do it

8) Good advice from a Normie

9) U Got It Bad

10) “B-but I wasn’t elected governor”

11) “because they’re good dogs, Trump”

12) ‘Dumped like a dog’ is the male equivalent of ‘grab her by the pussy’

13) Only counts as an attempt if you win

14) President Kapoor

15) ‘Real Genius explains 'Sixteen Candles’

16) “He sounds like a well-tanned guy with good hair”