What do your nipples say about your personality?

First, you need to inspect your nipples. So guys pull your shirts up, girls take your bras off, and whores just look down because your nipples are probably already exposed. In order to get the best results, please make sure the room is at a fairly warm temperature as to not affect the hardness of your nipples. Now press down on your nipples. If you don’t have hands, you’re going to need someone to help you with this part.For all you handless whores out there, just ask one of the dudes sitting next to you to touch your nipples. I’m sure he will be happy to help, if he’s not already fondling them. How do your nipples feel? If they’re firm, you have avery strong personality, you know how to get what you want, and people respect you for it. The con is that you might have to constantly buy new clothes because when you’re cold your nipples poke holes through your shirts. The plusside is if you’re ever attacked your nipples can be used as a weapon. Aim for your assailant’s eyes to permanently blind them. If on the other hand your nipples are soft, then you’re a kind, gentle person and people love you for it!A pro is that your nipples are so soft, they’re fun to touch and play with even for you, the nipple owner. The con is that your nipples are so addicting to play with, you may find people giving you weird looks in public while you’re riding the bus with your hands up your shirt, rubbing your nipples clockwise in a circle. Little tip, NEVER rub your nipples counter clockwise unless you’re in the southern hemisphere. Trust me, just don’t do it! What color are your nipples? If you have pink nipples you’re more likely to be creative. If you have dark nipples, you’re probably athletic. Also, if you’re a girl and you have very hairy nipples, you’re probably a virgin…or at least a lesbian or maybe French? To learn more about how nipples relate to your personality keep an eye out for my future work.