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September 06, 2008


Does anybody really care?If the Democrat had their convention in Denver and the Republicans was in St.Paul,where is the independents going have their convention?More than likely behind the Diary Queen on Fourth Ave.And,Joe Liberman is supposedly an independent but  he still got jizz and Noxzema dripping from his lips after blowing John McCain from under the podium last week.If the Republican wrangled up the terrible trio of the worst of pop country Gretchen Wilson,John Rich and Cowboy Troy,the originator of hip-honk.That's what he called his country/rap style(?).He is the original graham cracker!Just imagined how much more bottom of the barrel that the independent convention musical choice will be. Perhaps they'll get a homeless dude with an acoustic guitar and a hat.Pop country is the tool for the Anti-Christ Miley Cyrus to make brainless rednecks become minions for her satanic plan to make his earth-bound father famous ,again. When Jessica Simpson and Jon Bon Jovi milked the tits of pop country;it's time to stab the heart of the beast known as pop country now! Before corporate America and Sarah Palin make another generation of stupid Republican who don't believe abortion should legal even in cases of incest or rape.