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May 27, 2016

ITEM: PERFORMANCE ARTIST TO DISPLAY NOTHING IN THE DOWNTOWN PLAZA DETAILS: BEGINNING MAY 31, 2016, TOM MILLER --A WIKIPEDIA LISTED NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED PERFORMANCE ARTIST LIVING AND WORKING IN GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA-- WILL BEGIN A 5-DAY "INSTILLATION" OF NOTHING IN THE NEWLY RENOVATED DOWNTOWN BO DIDDLEY PLAZA. FACTS: 1.) Nothing will take 5-days to assemble. 2.) Nothing will occupy the main artificial grass area in the center of the plaza from June 6 to June 11 of 2016. 3.) People are free to touch nothing, interact with nothing, and take photographs of nothing during this display time. 4.) Nothing will be removed in a 3-day process from June 12 to June 15 of 2016. 5.) Newly elected Mayor Lauren Poe has very generously pledged: "The city is willing to contribute absolutely nothing to this project!" 6.) Mr. Miller is currently undergoing dialogue with Plaza Event Coordinator Nigel Hamm to determine if permitting and security will be needed for nothing. Mr. Miller wants to be sure that nothing will be stolen or vandalized while on display in the plaza. 7.) Mr. Miller has partnered with Hatchfund to raise money to put nothing on. Hatchfund, a registered non-profit, thoroughly vets and approves projects only if they are considered artistic and worthy. Therefore, nothing is artistic and worthy. 8.) Mr. Miller will be chronicling the events of nothing for a documentary film highlighting the first time nothing has been presented in three dimensions in sculpture form in the United States. This has never been done before. 9.) Mr. Miller is a nationally recognized performance artist listed in Wikipedia, recently in the Huffington Post and Gawker for his most recent performance, "Staring into the Mouth of Ted Cruz" - now a documentary film which can be viewed here on Funny or Die: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ceedb1c5f4/burning-lips?_cc=__d___&_ccid=37c3a030-4cfc-4808-8614-d223e8dbcd32 Here is a link which explain the finer details of nothing: Tom Miller Blog: http://millerworks.weebly.com/blog/instillation-of-nothing

Kooky Florida Artist First to Create Giant Sculpture out of Nothing!

A Florida Performance Artist will create what he calls an “Instillation” of Nothing in the newly renovated Bo Diddley Downtown Community Plaza of Gainesville, Florida beginning Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Miller said he was inspired by John Cage’s non-piano piece, 4'33" to be the first to create nothing in three dimensions. Miller’s sculpture, expected to fill the entire center of the plaza, will be up for a full week during which time, the public is invited to take photos of nothing and interact with nothing. The City informed Miller he would not have to purchase a permit since nothing was happening. Even the city’s newly elected Mayor, Lauren Poe, Facebooked Mr. Miller to say on the record, “The City is willing to contribute absolutely nothing to this project.”

“Nothing is the best work I have ever done!”

— Performance Artist, Tom Miller