Our team of 37 heavily caffeinated editors has spent all day hand-crafting a brilliantly selected array of the best TV clips from last night so you don’t miss anything you shouldn’t. Watch what you want, skip what you don’t. Just be sure to swing back around tomorrow for more of yesterday’s greatest stuff.

Last night on the Late Late Show, Justin Bieber took over James Corden’s monologue, and it took a while for anybody to notice because those two guys look so alike. At least, that’s what James Corden says — you be the judge.

Meanwhile on Colbert, Bruce Willis talked about doing his own stunts, which, come on, really? Oh wait, yes, I guess he does. Sorry for doubting you, Mr. Bruce!

Finally, on Late Night, Samantha Bee talked to Seth Meyers about 1-844-4-TROLLZ, the hotline she’s set up for trollz who want to say mean stuff about her new show. She also talked about joining the sausage fest of late night hosts, which is pretty exciting and probably making a lot of trollz mad as hell!