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April 08, 2016

I’ll entice you with my feline eyes. Lena Dunham brave- won’t you also agree, yes?


How are you? You are good?

I see your pictures on the Instagram and you look hot and sexy and nice. I would love to give you all the kisses. My parents die in the great Arcade Fire so I have no moneys. I’ll entice you with my feline eyes. Lena Dunham brave- won’t you also agree, yes? I am a giving lover who likes to be kissed.

I like to read books. I read half of Infinite Jest- it ok. I like LCD Soundsystem before anyone else had shared pleasure in them. I want to share pleasure with you before anyone else does. I am sweet as honey. I have strong opinions about cultural appropriation that I wish to share with you in addition to much physical pleasure.

I like man with nice sense of humor- you like comedy? I likethe show Louis with Louis CK- not so much funny as introspective- you may notget it but that ok, I still want to share bedtime with you. Come to me and I’llshow you how I love the sex. You will feel a real lady who wants lots of thesex and sweet kisses.

I enjoy many thing, like writing. Besides e-mail to you, I also like writing think-piece telling people what is ‘important’ and when ‘it is time we talk about’ things. I bet you have nice lips taste like good boy. I make list for top 10 kissies I give you- this much I promise.

Do you have other social media besides the Instagram? Please send nice boy. I have social media but I unfortunately dont at this moment. I decide to delete all The Social Media because I need to clean myself of it but I can send next week when I reactivate The Social Media . By then I will be clean


I would very much like to meet you through webcam- you haveiPhone, yes?

Hey- I know Social security Codes are for lame grownup mean guys but you should send me yours. It is ok if you don’t know yours- you can text mommy and Dad and they should know it (if they not dead from the great Arcade Fire). If you send I promise to meet you at bar by my apartment- I send you address, it has no name- you never heard of it.

Much Kisses and Desire,