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April 10, 2015

An article.

I have remained silent about an important issue currently at play in Springfield. There are those of us who are being judged and hated up against simply because of who we’re attracted to. We’ve been called names and received damagingly hurtful glares. Glares that stick with us even when we look away or close our eyes or pretend we didn’t see them. Of course I’m talking about “Daddies”, or men who are attracted to women a dozen or so years their junior.

I’m sick of all the daddy-shaming. So I’m getting a little plus-sized in years. That doesn’t make it ok for you to judge me, or tell me I’m wrong or I’m any version of the ubiquitous word creep. In our era of hypersensitivity about anyone funnin’ homosexuals or trainsexuals, it is completely acceptable for a frumpy thirty year old woman to pause between bites of her fully-loaded baked potato to tell me I’m disgusting for who I like. When I think it’s much stranger to be attracted to a model train than to a 19 year old coed.

If this piece offends you, then I’m satisfied. I have been dad-shamed for the last time.

I wish I could see a couple thousand people gathering on thesquare to walk around and agree with each other about this issue of love and discrimination. I didn’t CHOOSE to be attracted to women 18-22. That’s just when the average female body peaks for me to peek at. It’s just science. It’s just sexy science. It’s just sexy science sauntering into the place.

“Why can’t you just date people society says you should date?” “Why can’t you date women your age?” Find me a woman my age who is still female-shaped and I will date her right now. I will drop what I’m writing and listen to her talk about her kids and her ex-husband and how she’s trying to quit smoking.

“Oh, why don’t you just hang out at family court, and pick up women who are divorcing or restraining their spouses?” I’ve tried that. The bailiff knows I’ve tried.

See, if a person even dares to have the courage to admit they’re attracted to these women, who by the way are very attractive, they’re called a pedophile or a molester. Whereas if a woman tries the like, she’s a cougar, and respected for not crawling out into the woods to die. It’s a double standard. It’s a catch-18 to 22. I’m not a monster. I’m just a man with a legal amount of love for legal-aged young women. The end.