Microsoft announced today that it will be discontinuing production on the Zune. Let's take a look back at all the things that were never said about the supposed iPod killer. 

  1. "Oh, you have a Zune, too?"
  2. "What do you mean you have no more Zunes in stock?"
  3. "I enjoy using my Zune."
  4. "We have a customer who wants to know if he can exchange his iPod for a Zune."
  5. "This changes everything."
  6. "Apple better step up their game."
  7. "And the car comes with a place on the dash where you can plug in your Zune"
  8. "Two people bought me a Zune for my birthday. Best birthday ever?"
  9. "I'm worried someone might steal my Zune on the subway."
  10. "The Strokes have demanded one bowl of brown M&M's, one bengal tiger, and Zunes for the whole band. Or they won't go on."
  11. "Someone was just knifed and killed for their Zune. The eighth in what's now being referred to as 'The Zune Murders.'"
  12. "I think 'Zune' is a good name for a portable device."
  13. "Yes, I WILL fill out this free survey for the chance to win a free Zune."
  14. In the year 3000, at the Intergalactic Museum of Archaeology: "This Zune accurately depicted early forms of zargogs in the early 21st century."