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Published December 23, 2011
Hey you all i just seen the full on naked pics of Kate middleton just a little bit ago and i must say she is very fit and sexy like. An i think she should be happy about the pics coming out for the fact she is a babe and people will now like English people better for it. Being that she is in the royal family in all now. But there going to put the guy in jail who had taking the pics of her in her birthday suit. Which is BS! Cum on royal family that was a few years back when she was just a young suck u bitch skank on the town looking to suck them dicks all the way too the very top of the world. An well it looks like she made it. But as we all know it takes a lot of practice to be the best. So come on England it's 2013 where everyone is freaky and a little trashy yo. An well that is the way it should be da*n it. F*ck the bloodline BS and get with the times Royal Family because looking at naked famous people pics online is the new nudy magazine for most of us these days. So give us strate men, Lezbos and Bi people somthing that is a big time + we can fantasy about in this crazy mixed world we live in . So we can play with they self and have a little fun to keep us from going crazy as hell. So i say keep em CUMMiNG Kate for you are a ture 10 and then some my sweet Princess. O SH*T! Now my pants are all sticky. An i gotz to go clean myself up for sure. So Later on my peepz.  Daddy loves you.  Spanky